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You will find useful ideas in these tutorials to help you understand chemistry faster. Use them as background to master the specific approaches used in our Video Solutions, or just use them as a guide to your own study of general chemistry. Click on an arrow ~> to see video.

Ch. Lesson Concept
01 19 Chemistry Basics
Unit conversions and dimensional analysis. ~>
01 20 Chemistry Basics
Uncertainty and errors of a measurement. ~>
03 01 Stoichiometry
The concept of atoms and its implications for stoichiometry calculations. ~>
03 02 Stoichiometry
The role of a limiting reagent in stoichiometry. ~>
03 03 Stoichiometry
How to compute moles for solids, liquids, solutions and gases for a stoichiometry calculation. ~>
02 04 Atoms, Molecules, Ions
The role of the electron in the formation of ions. ~>
02 05 Atoms, Molecules, Ions
How to predict if two atoms can make a bond. ~>
04 11 Solution Stoichiometry
Common types of chemical reactions in solutions. ~>
04 06 Solution Stoichiometry
Using the half-reaction method to balance redox equations. ~>
08 07 Bonding, Lewis Structure and VSEPR
A quick way to determine the VSEPR structure of a molecule without requiring its Lewis structure. ~>
08 08 Bonding, Lewis Structure and VSEPR
Predicting the total number of bonds in a molecule and using it to draw Lewis structures. ~>
08 09 Bonding, Lewis Structure and VSEPR
Assigning formal charges to atoms in a Lewis structure. ~>
06 10 Thermochemistry
Basic concepts of thermochemistry and the 1st law of thermodynamics. ~>
12 12 Kinetics
The rate laws and basic concepts of reaction kinetics. ~>
12 13 Kinetics
How to determine the overall rate law from a reaction mechanism. ~>
13 14 Chemical Equilibrium
Basic concepts of equilibrium and how to set up an ICE calculation. ~>
13 15 Chemical Equilibrium
The reaction quotient and ICE calculations. ~>
14 16 Acid Base
Acid base equilibrium, pH and acid base strengths.. ~>